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Caring for Mommy May 5, 2010

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Mommy complained of lower tummy aches a week ago. We brought her to the hospital and it turns out she had urinary tract infection. So we started her on antibiotics. But it didnt stop there. You see, Mommy is 75 years old so soon after she started complaining of bloatedness, nausea and upper tummy aches. Throughout last week, I was taking care of her, cutting short my clinic hours so I can be with her. If you know my mom, she is a headstrong woman who is very difficult to persuade otherwise when she has decided on something. She decided she didnt want to be confined. So instead, I took blood and urine  samples at home which I bring to the hospital to monitor her progress. All the while I was in contact with my internist friends Ana J. and Mitch C. who were very patient even if I call at odd hours. To say the least, it was tiring. Sometimes, I would just sit by myself and think, “What more can I do?” and “Am I missing something with regards to her symptoms?” and ” How long would it take for her to recover?”

At church last Sunday, my small group leader Jun asked Glenn and I about how we were. So we told him. Jun is a softspoken man who is full of godly wisdom. He shared his experience with his father who got sick a year ago. After days of simply depending on his own strength and resources, he started calling on the Lord. And every good and wise thing followed leading to his father’s recovery. It was like a splash of cold water in my face when I realized that hey, I should call on the Lord. So at that moment, even before Jun started praying, I found peace. Truly my God is my rest.

God really works in mysterious and wonderful ways. The following day, I brought Mom to the hospital and after we ran some tests, I gave her another prescribed medicine. To make a long story short, Mom has been pain free for two days now and she has gained back her appetite. Once again, I am humbled and continue to be in awe of the Lord. My God is good.

This is Mommy at my wedding:

This is Mommy when I was a year old:

P. S.

Truly God has been working in my journey as a daughter. As I was having my quiet time 2 days ago, this was what God told me:

Listen to your father, who gave you life,

and don’t despise your mother when she is old. Proverbs 23:22



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