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Poplar Project June 24, 2010

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About 2 weeks ago, our Pastor preached about how it is God’s will for us to make an impact on the next generation. Imagine: when I take care of my children using Godly principles, they would in turn do the same to their children, and their children to their children. Long after I am gone, my passion for living according to Scriptures will be embedded in my family. What a legacy!

First thing I did when I got home was collect all my books in godly parenting and put it in a basket near my bedside table. I didnt realize I had a wealth of material to help me in my mission.

So for the next weeks, I plan to make our devotions not only more regular but also livelier and enjoyable.

The following morning, as I was having my devotion, this was what God impressed on me:

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
and my blessing on your descendants.

Isaiah 44:3

I couldn’t help crying. My God is promising blessings to my children, what more can a mother ask for?

They will spring up like grass in a meadow,
like poplar trees by flowing streams.

Isaiah 44: 4

I did a little research on poplar trees and they are said to thrive in moist sites, often by watersides. Also, the Poplar tree is the very first tree to have its DNA sequenced. Knowledge of DNA sequence may come in useful in practically any biological research. To me, the reference to the Poplar tree speaks so much of being created for a higher purpose and at the same time being dependent on the living Water.  Beautiful.

So I am naming my daily godly walk with my children as the:

POPLAR PROJECT……guiding my children one Bible verse at a time.

I will start blogging about our little meetings here and I hope, friends, that you will be encouraged to do the same.

Have  a good day. 🙂


Pleasantly surprised May 26, 2010

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When we are caught up in our own little world of ordinary existence, suddenly circumstance gives us a pleasant surprise and all we can do is smile and say, “Life is good.”

One of those moments happened today.

For how many times can you see your husband’s face on the cover of a magazine? It’s a company publication but it reaches the offices in many countries. Oh, what the heck, kahit pa naging sa barangay lang ang circulation, I’d be just as proud. 🙂

Ok ba? At centerfold pa:


Morcon by Mom May 11, 2010

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Since I am in a recipe-preserving mode for today, here is what I call Mom’s Blockbuster Morcon.

Marinade Beef round or “kabilugan” (ipa-slice sa butcher ng manipis and wide enough to form a roll) in soy sauce and calamansi.

After marinating, arrange the fillings inside:

chinese ham, chorizo de bilbao, taba ng baboy strips, frankfurters cut in strips, celery, pickle relish, cheddar cheese cut in strips, boiled quail eggs.

Then roll the beef and secure with strings. Like so: (thanks bisayajudkaayo for the pic)

Boil the beef in the marinade plus tomato sauce and maraming  sibuyas.  Paglapot ng sauce, luto na.

These are Mom’s own words. Precious.

Mommy’s mechado May 11, 2010

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Many of my friends from grade school to medschool who have tasted my mom’s cooking, cannot forget what I call Mom’s Ultimate Mechado.

Like most good cooks, Ma does not measure. So what I will share here are simply the ingredients and roughly how it is made, with words she actually uses.

Marinate beef (pontay pecho) in soy sauce and calamansi.

Saute onions, garlic and add the beef and celery. Sangkutsa. Add the marinade. Add water once in a while. Add tomato paste if malapit na lumambot.

In another pan, fry beef liver and then dikdikin.

Once the beef have softened, add the liver. Then add sliced chorizo de bilbao and chinese ham. Then add fried potatoes and bell pepper.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Note: this cannot be rushed, just good old slow cooking is what it is all about.

Please thank this lady for this recipe and thank the Lord that she is getting stronger everyday after a bout with Acute Gastritis/UTI last week.

Today is Mother’s Day May 9, 2010

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Father God,

I thank you for the privilege of being a mother to Martie, Nigel and Hannah. So many values I continue to learn by being a Mommy to them: love, kindness, selflessness, compassion and patience. It is easier to exercise these values when I am full of joy just being with them. They are too young to realize that from them I derive so much happiness and benefits to my well-being. The pleasure is all mine.

By your grace, Lord, I ask that I be given enough patience to care for them, enough wisdom to guide them to the right path, enough warmth in my heart to nurture them and enough strength to see them through.

In my heart of hearts, as your lowly servant, I know that most of the instances that you smile down at me from heaven are brought about by works I do as a mother.

Again, thank you Lord, I owe everything to you.

In Jesus’s name I pray, AMEN.

Caring for Mommy May 5, 2010

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Mommy complained of lower tummy aches a week ago. We brought her to the hospital and it turns out she had urinary tract infection. So we started her on antibiotics. But it didnt stop there. You see, Mommy is 75 years old so soon after she started complaining of bloatedness, nausea and upper tummy aches. Throughout last week, I was taking care of her, cutting short my clinic hours so I can be with her. If you know my mom, she is a headstrong woman who is very difficult to persuade otherwise when she has decided on something. She decided she didnt want to be confined. So instead, I took blood and urine  samples at home which I bring to the hospital to monitor her progress. All the while I was in contact with my internist friends Ana J. and Mitch C. who were very patient even if I call at odd hours. To say the least, it was tiring. Sometimes, I would just sit by myself and think, “What more can I do?” and “Am I missing something with regards to her symptoms?” and ” How long would it take for her to recover?”

At church last Sunday, my small group leader Jun asked Glenn and I about how we were. So we told him. Jun is a softspoken man who is full of godly wisdom. He shared his experience with his father who got sick a year ago. After days of simply depending on his own strength and resources, he started calling on the Lord. And every good and wise thing followed leading to his father’s recovery. It was like a splash of cold water in my face when I realized that hey, I should call on the Lord. So at that moment, even before Jun started praying, I found peace. Truly my God is my rest.

God really works in mysterious and wonderful ways. The following day, I brought Mom to the hospital and after we ran some tests, I gave her another prescribed medicine. To make a long story short, Mom has been pain free for two days now and she has gained back her appetite. Once again, I am humbled and continue to be in awe of the Lord. My God is good.

This is Mommy at my wedding:

This is Mommy when I was a year old:

P. S.

Truly God has been working in my journey as a daughter. As I was having my quiet time 2 days ago, this was what God told me:

Listen to your father, who gave you life,

and don’t despise your mother when she is old. Proverbs 23:22

I choose HOME May 4, 2010

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At the start of my residency (specialty training) at Manila Doctors Hospital, I only had Martie. He was 4 years old. Since my co-residents were very kind and understood my situation as a mother, I was allowed flexible duty hours so I can have time to be with my son, especially when he was hospitalized and operated on for a condition brought about by being born prematurely. But my hospital job got more tedious as time passed. During my junior year, I had Nigel. Then in my senior year, I had Hannah. There was too many work to be done during my last two years of training. The hospital was under transition and on top of my job as a resident, I was made to do some adminstrative tasks. Times were tough then. Glenn and I were struggling making both ends meet. He worked as an instructor in a review center while I was only receiving a monthly allowance from the hospital. And with three children to feed, we were broke most of the time. I realize now that had we chosen a different path, especially Glenn, we would have been spared all the hardships. But well, life is full of choices and it is a waste of time to regret. All those times of struggle, all that was in my mind was how to get us out of the situation. I was focused on finishing residency and starting private practice. Although at times I felt guilty leaving the kids at home with the yaya and doing 80 hours per week at the hospital, I was driven with a passion to succeed in my profession which I equated with making lots of money.

In December 2003, I completed my training. Come January, my clinics in different towns here in Laguna consumed all my waking hours. Upon reaching home, I was wasted.  Glenn made the choice to quit his job when our yaya left since he knew that I would not give up my practice. I knew deep in my heart that something is wrong with our choice but my stubborn self held on. At this point, we were getting active in attending church and small group fellowships. Didn’t God make a man’s role as the provider in the house? Didn’t God make the woman to nurture the children? But God is faithful even if we were not. He didn’t allow the situation to get out of hand. Shortly, we got a househelp and Glenn took on a better job and not much later another greater job.

As I continue to get to know the will of the Lord, He made me slowly realize my role as a mother. There was a point where the two younger kids enjoyed the company of their yaya more than mine. You see, they cope with my absence during the day. Martie who was then at the awkward stage of puberty, had mannerisms and behavior which are not proper and I felt that only a mother’s guidance can steer him back to the right path. Slowly, my drive to make money at work was dwindling. I get irritated and tired easily. At some point, I had to seek a psychiatrist (to help me with my Anxiety/ Obsessive Compulsive behavior)  who advised me to control my Type A personality and cut back on work and stay at home with the children.  Meanwhile , the Lord blessed Glenn with promotion after promotion. I believe the Lord was directing me to where He wants me to be.

Now, I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy my work half of the day and the rest for the family. My children are closer to me now. Somehow my presence in the home makes them secure. I am no supermom, I need all the help I can get with housework but I recently discovered my love for cooking and fixing the house. The house is now cleaner, more organized and rings of children’s laughter. Truly, so much blessings abound when we follow the will of the Lord for our lives.

High school dance February 24, 2010

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Our baby……..

…………. is now a young man.

Time flies really. I can’t blink. I don’t want to miss a thing. 🙂

Old friends February 24, 2010

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There is something about being with old friends that stir the childish in me, makes me remember the bygone carefree days where my only concern was how to pass my subjects and have a good time. Days when my immediate goal was how to score the latest Esprit bag and part of everyday itinerary was a movie. No worries at all about money, future or security, thanks to my parents.

It’s good to be with old friends once in a while.

Mt. Makiling climb, Feb 21, 2010.

Mixed thoughts on the past week February 19, 2010

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Glenn and I went out to celebrate Valentine’s for three days.

Here is what we ate:

Japanese on the 1st day.

Salmon sushi:

Miso soup:

Seafood ramen:


and Maki (which we attacked even before I can get a picture):

Pinoy comfort food on the 2nd day.



and Chicken salad sandwich:

On the third day, we had Mexican.

Beef burrito:

Barbecue ribs:

Nakakagutom, noh?

Anyway, guess who received flowers from Glenn, aside from me?


Because until the man we have been praying for her comes along ( in 20 years or so) (yes, we pray for our children’s future spouses), her Daddy will be her Valentine. 🙂

A few days ago, Martie gave this to me:

An invitation to his High School dance on the 22nd:

I officially have a young man in the house. 🙂 We are excited to buy him his outfit later.

This young man wants to be a chef. He cooks his way all the time. Look at what he prepared yesterday:

A little loveliness around the house:

Before I end, let me leave you with a thought….. from the fortune cookie: